Help - a photo has been added to my timeline of another child

If a photo appears on your timeline that you didn't expect, don't worry! The only people who can add photos to your timeline are the family and friends that you've shared it with.

This is usually a simple mistake from someone in the family - either they've uploaded a photo they didn't mean to, or uploaded it to the wrong place.

One common example is if you share your kid's timeline (child A) with someone (family B), but that person also has someone else's kid (child C) shared with them.

What can happen is that family member B is trying to add a photo of child C to their timeline, but accidentally tags it with child A (your child), and then that photo appears on your timeline. That can be very worrying, particularly when you don't know the child, but please don't worry, it is almost always a simple error rather than anything else.

Your notifications should always tell you who added the photo and you'll be able to find that person in your family list, but if you want more details, please contact us and we'll help.

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