Why am I not getting any emails?

If you aren't getting BackThen emails, there are a few things to check.

Your email preferences

Check out this guide to see if you have your emails turned on.

Is your timeline active?

BackThen is designed to send you notifications when new items arrive, so check that you are seeing new photos, comments or likes (that you haven't added yourself) to see if you should be getting anything.

Check your spam folder

Some email clients are a bit too keen to put emails in your spam folder - make sure that our emails aren't appearing there. If they are, make sure you tap the button to say it isn't a spam email.

Let us know

If all else fails, let us know and we can investigate - the most common cause is customers that have marked an email as spam in the past, which is a request to not hear from us again, a request we always respect but can reverse if it was an accidental thing.

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If the guides on this page do not answer your questions, please visit the Support Site or email us at support@backthen.app