What are the different email types I can choose from?

BackThen allows you to turn a variety of emails on and off, so that you can recieve only what you want to receive.

First, have a look at the guide on how to change your email preferences.

There are three sections to the email preferences, Timeline updates, Reminders and Marketing preferences. Taking each of these in turn:

Timeline updates

Note - the Push/Email toggle at the top allows you to switch between changing your email preferences and your mobile notification (push) preferences. Read more about changing your mobile notifications here.

Timeline Highlights - every day or every week BackThen sends a fun summary of your timeline highlights - from new photos, to the number of new comments and likes. By default this arrives weekly on a Sunday, but you can change these as follows:

Your children / Other children - you can turn emails for new favourites (likes), new comments and new uploads on and off, so that you get told about exactly what you want to be told about. In addition, you can have different settings for your own children and other children that you follow.

Don't worry about being overwhelmed - if lots of new items are being added, we tell you and then give you a summary at the end - you won't be bombarded!

Finally, you can change the Frequency of these emails by tapping that section, so that you can receive a daily summary rather than immediate notification.


At BackThen we love to show you memories you might have forgotten, reminders of what you were doing on the same day in previous years, or comparisons of how your child used to look against now. You can turn these on and off here.

Marketing preferences

We'd love to let you know when there's a BackThen offer you might be interested in, whether it be discount VIP or anything else. Keep these turned on if you want to hear from us - and this is for BackThen Digital only.

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If the guides on this page do not answer your questions, please visit the Support Site or email us at support@backthen.app