Why can I no longer save or share photos from BackThen?

We've made a recent privacy change that restricts family and friends from saving photos and videos from BackThen to their devices.


We made the change as an immediate response to parent demand. Some parents weren't comfortable with family and friends saving their child's photos and videos from BackThen, then sharing those memories on social media. With privacy and online digital safety of children as our priority, it was essential that we provide a quick solution for this concern.

For now, only the 'owner' of a timeline photo or video can save or share. BackThen considers the 'owner' to be any parent of a timeline, plus the original uploader of the memory.

Will I be able to save and share memories from BackThen in the future?

This complete restriction is temporary. We understand that many families are comfortable with their invited contacts saving and sharing their memories. We are working on an update to give parents the control to determine, on an individual basis, which family and friends they allow to save and share (in the same way that parents can already choose whether a contact can like, comment and add memories). This will be available in November and we'll let you know when it's available.

We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience in the interim for those who do not consider it an issue.

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