What happens when I share my timeline?

Sharing your BackThen timeline with your friends and family is rewarding, as they get to enjoy all those moments as you add them, and also like and comment on them with a quick tap.

Of course, you want to know that your moments are safe, and what your invitees can and cannot do, so here is a brief guide.


When you invite someone to your timeline, you can either get BackThen to send them an email or a mobile message (your choice), but either way they will receive a link that allows them to sign up and join your timeline. If they already have a BackThen account, the new timeline will be automatically added to their existing permissions.

If you are inviting your partner to the timeline, check out that guide here.

If you are inviting your family or friends to the timeline, check out that guide here.

What can they do?

Family and friends can view your timeline, like memories, comment on memories and add their own photos and videos to the timeline. You can remove their abilities to like, comment and add moments as you see fit.

Partners have all the same rights as you, so in addition to family rights, they can edit or delete any memories from the timeline, as well as editing or deleting the timeline itself.

You can remove anyone's access at any time, or change what they are allowed to do - you are in control.

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If the guides on this page do not answer your questions, please visit the Support Site or email us at support@backthen.app