How do I add my family?

You can add your family and friends to your BackThen timeline by inviting them directly from the main menu.

Tap on Invite someone and you will be brought to a screen that allows you to pick a contact from your address book, or add a new contact entirely:

If your contact is in your address book, you can tap on it, or tap Invite new contact and you will be asked for the name of the person you wish to invite.

Then, to ensure that person is added as a family member, toggle the option below as indicated.

In this case, Sarah is being invited to the timeline of Alice, as a family member. If you have multiple timelines, you are able to select which Sarah can view, here.

Finally, you can either Invite by email (you will be asked to enter an email address) or Share invite another way (you will be presented with a number of options depending on which apps you have on your phone).

Confirm the invite and then wait for your contact to join - you will be informed when they do.

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