New Privacy Update: Download and share

We've released a permanent update that resolves a temporary privacy change concerning friends and family downloading memories to their devices, and sharing them beyond BackThen.

New Release

1) All invited contacts can download and share again. If you’re a family or friend and can't see this option, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version of the app. Otherwise, please discuss your individual permissions with a parent.

2) All parents can switch ‘Download and Share’ permission off for individual contacts per child, as desired. To see how, read our guide on controlling what your family can do with your timeline.

3) Any new invited contacts will automatically have download and share enabled too, unless a parent switches it off.


Prior to our initial privacy change, all invited contacts could download photos and videos to their devices from BackThen, allowing them to store and share their own copies.

However, we needed to make an immediate change in response to a number of concerned parents. This was critical where family members were downloading photos and sharing them without permission on social media, directly against parent wishes.

With digital safety and privacy being our top priority, we temporarily restricted the ability to download and share to parents only, until a permanent privacy solution could be released. We appreciate that what was critical for some was an inconvenience for others.

Thank you for your patience whilst we made this important update.

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