Should I choose gloss or matte BackThen prints?

BackThen classic prints can be ordered in either gloss or matte finish. Choose based on purpose, the type of photo, and personal preference.

One rule: if you’re framing your prints, choose matte. More information below.

When to choose matte

Matte prints are highly recommended for any photo framed behind glass, as they reflect less light. They are also recommended for vintage-style black and white or sepia photos, and larger format prints (XL, XXL). Also, if your photos are going to be handled often, it’s worth considering matte (or adding a border to your gloss prints).

As matte photos are designed to refract light, colours will not appear as vibrant in comparison to a gloss finish however. A matte finish also minimises the sharpness of an image. If you’re printing an image taken in high definition with an emphasis on clarity and colour, a gloss finish might be a better choice.

When to choose gloss

Gloss prints have a natural shine to them, designed to reflect as much light as possible. The colours of your image will appear more vibrant, crisp and clear. Great for pictures with lots of contrasting colours, and those taken in high definition.

Assuming you are not framing your gloss prints, consider adding a border to help protect the surface from fingerprints and scratches.

A gloss finish is not recommended for black and white or sepia tones, or for prints you intend to frame behind glass.

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