How much does VIP cost?

A Backthen VIP subscription costs £3.99 / $4.99 / €4.49 per month for up to 200GB of photos and videos. For customers wanting more storage, we will be adding additional storage tiers in the near future. See more details here.

One of the reasons for a VIP subscription is that unlike so many online services, BackThen does not trade your data, your details, or advertise to you - we believe that privacy is of the utmost importance and your timeline should not be polluted with adverts for things you don't want - you'd rather see your kids!

In fact, we promise the following to all our customers, and believe our VIP subscription is fantastic value for these promises:

  1. We will not pollute the BackThen experience with advertisements
  2. We will not sell your data to any 3rd parties
  3. We do not reduce the quality of your memories - we keep them in full, original quality, including HD for videos.
  4. We do not restrict the length of videos you can upload.
  5. BackThen VIP covers your whole family with a single subscription with no limits to the number of people you want to invite.

Welcome to the BackThen family!

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