Who can see my memories?

Your timelines

The only people who can see your timelines are you, anyone you invite, and anyone another parent invites (i.e. if you invite your partner, and specify them as a parent when you invite them, they can invite others).

Family and friends that you invite cannot add anyone else to your timeline - you are completely in control, and you can remove anyone from the timeline at any time, and they will instantly be blocked from viewing those moments.

Your uploads

If you are adding photos to one or more timelines, then those uploads can be seen by anyone who follows at least one of those timelines.

For example, if you have a child, Alice, and you also follow another child, Bob, and then upload a photo of both of them, tagging both of them in the photo, then all followers of Alice's timeline or Bob's timeline can see the photo.

BackThen does not autodetect a child in a photo, simply because doing so incorrectly may mean someone sees a photo you didn't want them to (because your child's photo is tagged as another child with different followers, for example). Therefore, the access rights to any memory is based purely on the timelines you tag the memory with.

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