Is BackThen safe?

Privacy and safety is our number one priority at BackThen - we're dealing with your precious, private moments with your children, and you want to know that whenever you add one of those memories, it is kept completely safe.

We store and backup your photos and videos on a series of secure servers, inaccessible directly from the outside world. Your timeline is then served up only to your account and those you share it with - and you can remove those rights at anytime.

Our servers are based in Amazon's cloud infrastructure (AWS), with all industry standard security measures enforced and a lot more we've added to the top.

Your timeline cannot be discovered, it can only be accessed via invites you send.

This is our biggest priority, always has been, and always will be. BackThen aims to stand above the myriad of online services that fail to secure your data, or even sell it on to others - that is not us. Your memories are yours, forever.

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