Why should I use BackThen?

We believe BackThen is the single best place to keep a beautiful, lifelong timeline of your children's photos, videos, best moments and so much more.

There are some core promises we make when you sign up to use us - most importantly that we keep your memories safe and private, and treat all your data the same way. We don't pollute your timeline with adverts, we don't sell your data, we just present you a beautiful timeline to share with your family and friends, and provide you special reminders and fun treats along the way.

BackThen makes is easy to remember the whole childhood, in a way that the entire family can enjoy, and in 2023, we're excited to be bringing you the ability to order physical prints straight from the app.

We're also constantly listening to your feedback, and have added many features over the years that you've asked for, and will continue to do so, and we're excited to make BackThen everything you want it to be.

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If the guides on this page do not answer your questions, please visit the Support Site or email us at support@backthen.app