How do I create an account?

Firstly, welcome to BackThen!

If you are a parent looking to create a timeline for your child (or children), you need an iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

If you are a family member looking to join an existing BackThen timeline, you first need to receive an invite from a parent of the timeline, and then follow the instructions in the invite email. You don't even need a mobile device to do this - you can sign up on the web too! For more details, check out our guide on joining a timeline.


If you're on iPhone or iPad, download Backthen from the App Store here.

If you're on Android, download BackThen from the Play Store here.

Then, open the app and tap Sign Up on the screen below, and you'll be guided through the setup process, where you'll create an account, add your child (or children) and create your timeline!

Welcome to the BackThen family!

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