Can I start while pregnant?

Of course!

When you sign up with BackThen, you are asked for the name and date of birth of your child, but the date of birth can be a due date if the baby is not born yet - you can change this later when the actual date is known.

BackThen uses the date of birth to label your photos with the age of your child, but scan photos are great fun to look back on too - so if you add any photos before the due date, BackThen labels them with the number of weeks you were pregnant at the time, based on a 40 week gestation.

And if your baby comes early or late - and let's face it, they usually do (!), you can even change that gestation period - all within the app.

Finally, if you haven't yet locked down a name for your child, don't worry! You can call the timeline anything as a placeholder - Bump is a classic - and then change the name when you make the final decision.

For more details on how to edit all your child's details later, take a look at our guide here.

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